Lisa Sowle is the founder of Herbagirl International, she hails from Houston TX. At 35 years old, Lisa is the mother of three beautiful girls known affectionately as “The Sowle Sisters” in the world of skateboarding.

Her main quote that you can hear her say on any given day is “I LOVE LIFE”

Sowle has struggled with being overweight after the birth of her first child. So she tried numerous ways to try and shed those post birth pounds, from diet pills, crazy diets, all the way to starving herself but nothing worked.

She admits that at that point she pretty much had given trying to lose weight because she was running out of money and hope!

She saw a friend pretty much melt from a size 16 to a 6, and she was 20 years older than Sowle, this was the fire that she needed to want to make this happen for herself.

She did the program that her friend did to lose weight, and Lisa Sowle succeeded!

Now it has been 10 years since she first shed that 50lbs m going from a tight 12, she admits, to a slim size 4, and she has continued to maintain that slim size 4 through following the guidelines that she set forth in her Herbagirl program.

To find out more about Lisa Sowle go to www.lisasowle.com

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