Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer Willie “The Bam” Johnson

Martial Arts Leader Willie “The Bam” Johnson, is an award-winning martial arts teacher whose life mission is to help young adults and others become empowered, through the martials arts in order to make good life choices. He is a seven-time sport karate and kung fu world champion, a two-time All-American champion, and a nationally ranked Triple Crown martial arts champion. He teaches at The Bams Martial Arts Academy. Willie H. Johnson resides in Laurel Maryland. He can be contacted at

Willie is passionate about empowering others, below are a list of activities he either founded or personally supports.

POINT MMA Safety based Mixed Martial Arts
Krazy Martial Athletic 1-minute fitness workout challenges
Diva Grit Empowering women through fitness and self-defense
Authentic Street Combat! Safety Safety and street self-defense
WARRIOR MINDSET Helping people to find balance in live through martial arts
CALL 2 ACTION Finding the next big martial arts action stars!


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