Filmmaker & Urban Action Showcase Co-Founder Demetrius Angelo

As an Actor, Demetrius recognized the void in Film/TV roles for people of Color especially in the Action Films genre. In response to this void Demetrius founded ASC Productions a full service Film/TV production company producing everything from Fitness Videos to Action Films with emphasis on casting multi-ethnic Actors in principle roles.

Having developed a passion for Action Films at a young age, the Action genre became his focus. Unfortunately the majority of talent available had no Martial Arts or little fight experience. With this void in “Action Actors”, Demetrius began devising a system that would teach Actors how to fight “on screen” safely without the full working knowledge of Combat. Demetrius labeled his specialized Screen Fighting system Action Scene Combat™. Demetrius soon founded the NYC Action Actors Academy teaching Action Scene Combat Screen Fighting, Movie Weapons and Tactical Firearms 4 Film to enthusiastic actors seeking a start in the Action genre.

The journey of being an independent production company and Action Acting school is often challenging but with every challenge comes promotion and when the challenges of Distribution became an issue, the creation of ASC Troopers Touch Entertainment became the answer. Demetrius’s ASC Productions partnered with longtime friend and colleague of the Martial Arts, La’Mard J Wingster of Troopers Touch Films. In this partnership we offer the full production services of: Directing, Writing, Editing, Cinematography, Fight Choreography, Action Directing, Graphic Design, Marketing and Distribution. Recognizing both the need and importance for diversity in the Action Film genre Demetrius set out to create a platform that would encourage, inspire, recognize and empower the Urban Poly-Ethnic Action Community. As a result the Urban Action Showcase and Expo was manifested having the initiative of diversity with the protocols of information, education, facilitation and exposure setting itself apart from all other festivals as the mecca of the action genre, celebrating and featuring the urban community.

About the UASE:
Demetrius Angelo is the Founder and Executive Producer of The Urban Action Showcase and Expo (UASE). The UASE is the premier all action entertainment platform celebrating diversity and honoring the multicultural achievements within the blockbuster Action genre including Adventure, Fantasy, Grindhouse, Action Horror, Sci-Fi, and Supernatural content. The UASE is the only all Action entertainment platform offering both fan and professional experiences through its International Action Film Festival, Expo and Distribution platforms.

The Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival welcomes Animation and Live Action Features, Shorts, TV Pilots, Web Series and Action Scenes in all aspects of the multifaceted Action genre. Our International Action Film Awards celebrate the past, present and future achievements within the genre. The Action Expo platform allows content creators, production and entertainment companies as well as other industry-related vendors the opportunity to showcase their content, goods and services to a multicultural niche target market. The Expo is also the platform in which we execute our educational, facilitation and exposure protocols through our celebrity panels, workshops and master classes. The UASE currently facilitates distribution through its relationships with Vimeo and Amazon platforms.

The UASE endeavors to recognize, promote, and facilitate participation of multicultural Filmmakers, Actors and Industry Professionals specifically targeted to the Action genre. The UASE recognizes entertainment professionals by honoring excellence in various aspects of filmmaking, acting and content creation. We promote them through various media outlets, facilitate distribution opportunities, and encourage new interest through the building of strong networking communities, panels, workshops, and key sponsorship participation.

The Blockbuster Action genre has been and remains the most profitable and entertaining format. It keeps us all at the edge of our seats. Action content such as Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Flash, and the billion dollar blockbuster Furious 7, are prime examples of how diversity fosters success. By focusing on the thrill and excitement of the Action genre and recognizing the need for integration, the UASE sets itself apart from other festival platforms as the only one of its kind! The purpose of the UASE is to ultimately see an increase in ethnic heroic principal characters in film and television, increase the development of content and expand distribution platforms reflecting multicultural images and interests as it pertains to the multifaceted Action genre. Over the past 2 year we’ve had the pleasure of honoring such industry pioneers and rising stars as:

Gloria Hendy (Black Belt Jones, James Bond)
Cynthia Rothrock (Rage of Honor, Lady Dragon, China O’Brien)
Fred “The Hammer” Williamson (Three the Hard Way, One Down Two to Go)
Don The Dragon Wilson (Ring of Fire, BloodFist, Redemption)
Michael Jai White(Spawn, Blood and Bone,Arrow)
Kelly Hu (X-Men 2, Martial Law, Arrow)
Isaac Florentine (Director: Ninja, Ninja 2, The Power Rangers)
Ron Van Clief (The Black Dragon, Super Weapon)
Marrese Crump (The Protector 2, Wrong Side of Town)
TJ Storm (Black Cobra, Punisher 2)
Taimak (The Last Dragon)
Ernie Reyes Jr. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtules, The Run Down)
Hong Kong’s Urban Action stars such as Bobby Samuels and Michael Woods



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