Dianne Sullivan’s roots are from New Zealand, and she is the youngest of 10 children. Her dreams of entertaining people started at a young age. Dianne imitated television and radio to hone her prodigal stills. Singing, playing instruments and play-acting was a daily sibling activity for her family. Standing in the forefront with her eyes on stardom, Dianne began to play the flute, do local talent shows, exercise and constantly pushing her self to the limit in physical development.

Employed as a legal assistant enabled Dianne to sharpen her business skills; which was an encouragement to start her own company, Dianne Entertainment. Dianne wears many hats in the entertainment industry ranging from leading roles as an actress, working as a Production Assistant on various projects, Casting Director, Location Manager and Camera Operator. As a small business owner she indulged herself in Public Relations, Fundraising, Marketing and various duties as an Executive Director. This versatility depicts Dianne as a well rounded entertainer and a self made “Brand”.

Dianne’s main stream film credits include lead roles in “Voyeurs, similar to Twilight Zone and Discovery Channel’s Miraculous Lives(lead surgeon) and a National Educational Training Video for nurses( Lead Nurse Kiki). Being a regular on Friday Night Lights, My Generation, a Series regular both on Good Guy, as a Detective, and as Nurse Jessica Kivala, RN on the TV detective show Chase, allowed her to gain a lot of experience working along side others as a team player. She played a starring and introducing role as Private First Class Noyce in “Denizen” – a Warrior Entertainment Production, in which there is a TV Show, Video Game and Comic Book in development, that includes her starring role. She recently finished a billboard photo-shoot for a new VH1 TV show. Other roles followed including the role as a nurse in “N-Secure””, a role in The Last Kung Fu Monk, Friday Night Lights, a reporter in Upon A Midnight Clear and the list continues. Dianne’s television credits include several TV commercials, TV Hosting and professional modeling. What’s new? The Lead in a military movie scheduled for filming in the Mohave this coming Fall.

Presently, Dianne has three comic book characters. One in which she leads the Justice Lady Knights and the other as the lone Black Super heroine in Feminine Force with spectacular power. A must see by Lawrence at White Eye Comics. The final character is of Weapons Of Virtue: Arma Santimonia TV, Comic Book & Film Series.

Hard work is nothing new for her. Her family in New Zealand and the States has the same mind to never stop climbing for what seems to be beyond your reach, if it helps you or someone else.

Dianne is continuous in the industry building her career in front and behind the camera. She is confident in her abilities and believes her talents will endure and take her to the heights of her life long dream acting and writing. Nevertheless, having a role in a show like “Touched By An Angel” or in an action movie is also at the top of her list.

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