At 12 years old, Rita B-Lamotte was selected to be a part of a theatrical group  called : “le theatre du grand bleu”.

At 17, she put her feet for the first time on   the movie set: “Gladiator” by Ridley Scott. And “film biz” was discovered… From there, all started for her. Front this point in, it all started..

Then, Rita went to Nice, France to study psychology at Sophia-Antipolis University where she got her Master’s degree.

During her studies, her love for cinema never left her…

She then attended UCLA Extension where she received the director’s certificate in “ Film and entertainment study”. There she got noticed by USC’s Teachers, and had the opportunity to follow the USC program.

Meanwhile, Rita went on sets of big productions as: “The Transporter”, “Brice de Nice”, “What just Happened”, “Prince of Persia”, “Mogadishu”… as Actor, background actor (or as PA for learning process)…

Today, Rita pursues her career  as an actress and a writer

Rita is open to working with up and coming producers and directors globally with the right projects, she can be reach on her directors website which is

Fans can learn more about Rita by going to her official website at

Directors Site:
Official Site: 


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