Kent Speakman is the President & Managing Partner of Engageia and Speakman Entertainment.

Engageia is an interactive, incubation and intelligence group that works with startups and established brands; Speakman Entertainment produces TV & film properties, securing creative, funding and distribution channels globally. 

Kent has a wide network of influential contacts, and has orchestrated a variety of film and technology deals spanning Canada, USA, UK, China and India. He leverages the connections in place to unite any size business with the right partners, connecting the dots to take projects from concept to completion. 

He is an award-winning digital marketing strategist, social media authority, blogger, and speaker. Kent co-spears partnership development, and owns P&L for the mobile, digital and social media teams at Engageia. He has a track record of helping start ups, big brands and fast-growing companies effectively navigate the world of online media, websites, blogs, communities, social networks, and developing branded entertainment, virtual worlds and video games. Engageia is also involved in the M&A arena, working closely with successful client partners that have proven disruptive technologies that are ready for an exit strategy.

Kent also sits as an Advisory Board Director for iKaptial, a leading technology, film distribution and media micro-venture capital corporation. It is part of the Aker Group of companies with head offices in London England, Princeton New Jersey and Chennai India. The company was founded in 2001 as a micro-venture funding company and later fine-tuned its business model to become a Media-vertical focused business.

Speakman has won-over studios and networks in LA, such as Disney and Hallmark, for innovative entertainment marketing strategy. He has been acknowledged and quoted in best selling books on management, sales and business relationships. You can follow him on his blog at www.kentspeakman.com

Websites: www.engageia.com



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