Donna DeGregorio grew up very athletic and competitive as the youngest of four Italian girls separated in age by a total of four years. Her dad molded me into the athlete he envisioned for the son he never had. Father was former Marine/Police officer.From as far back as high school she had been striving to improve her physique through devoted and regimented training in local gyms. However it was not until after the birth of her third child four years ago that she began to train with an interest in competing. This has been a very rewarding experience both personally and professionally. She has been able to prove to herself that she could endure the grueling training sessions and intensely difficult dieting of contest preparation necessary to produce the dramatic changes in her physique. The results have shown too as she recently placed 6th in the 2006 MuscleMania Worlds in Hollywood, CA.Professionally she has been to go on numerous photo shoots with top notch photographers in the industry which is a nice recognition of others notice of her physique/appearance.
Modeling and Acting were her first passions.  She was always asked to model growing up and she experienced a lot however did not sign with top-notch agencies until 2005.  In the Pa./New York agencies.  MMA, Jo Anderson Models , Pro-Models, Hillory Beckford .  Her first figure show /NPC was in 2005.Donna DeGregorio’s Credits

Commercials / Promotional Videos / Industrials

Statbeast – Sports

Spokesmodel     Web

WWE Smackdown  Model               Ch. 57 CW Philly

Trump Properties    Swimsuit Model                Promotional Video

HandyHanger         Model              Direct  Response Commercial

Muscle / Fitness Forum    Fitness Model                                        Ch. 28 – TV

HappeningsTV                   Model                                                   Ch. 18 – TV


The Taking of Pelham 123    Featured Model    Universal

Music and Lyrics  Featured Party Goer                    Castlerock Productions

K.A.N.K.   Soccer Fan                                                  Bollywood/Dharma        

Bamboo Shark    Featured Model                                       Mental Ward Films


Why Men Cheat             Shante     The Grand Opera House/Showtime Prod.

Captive                 Hostage     The Baby Grand Opera House/One on One


John Robert Powers FashionShows  Model
Numerous Philadelphia Locations

Bridal FashionShow       Model                 The Cave, Philadelphia

PhiladelphiaBoutiques    Model                 The Ritz Carlton Hotel

Pileggi Hair & FashionShow      Model         Cherry Hill, NJ

Monday Night Football FashionShow     Model The Big Kahuna, Wilmington, DE

Print Work

Theatre ad-Billboard                                                     Model/Actress                Showtime Productions

Fitness Brochure  Fitness Model  Yardley Personal Fitness

Fitness Ad             Fitness Model    Philly Fit Magazine

Summer Swimsuit layout      Swimsuit Model        SJ Magazine                                                         

Hot Rod Car Layout   Model       CruisingMagazine                                                                     

Promotional Brochure    Restaurant Patron     Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co                              

Newspaper Print Ad      Homeowner  Hallmark of NJ, Inc.                                                             


Carolina Sweet Tea                                                       Brand Ambassador                           PA

American Physiques                                                        Fitness Model                                            NJ, OH

Bud Light                                                                                 Brand Ambassador                              Philadelphia, PA

Choppin Vodka                                                                        Brand Ambassador                              Radnor, PA-Androssan Mansion

Blue Coat Gin                                                                           Brand Ambassador                              Media, PA

Twin Lakes Brewery                                                              Brand Ambassador                            Greenville, DE

Fist Boxing Event                  Model       New York, NY

Aqua Med Hydro Therapy                 Model       Valley Forge Convention Center

Kelme  Sports                                                                Fitness Model                                             Philadelphia Convention Center

Cue and Case Billards           Sampler      Valley Forge Convention Center

Bacardi and Dewars                Sampler              Wilmington. DE

Boscov’s             Model/Womens                               Wilmington, DE

Philadelphia Business & Advertising Show                                      Greeter            Doubletree Hotel, Philadelphia                                                                                                      

Sportz Page Bar & Grill Grand Opening        Greeter       Sportz Page Bar & Grill, Philadelphia                         

Hot Rod Showdown     Brand Ambassador    Hot Rod Showdown, Wilmington, DE

Bucks Magazine            Sampler             Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

Riunite Wine                    Brand Ambassador                             Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia

Bubba’s Bar & Grill Grand Opening                            Greeter           Bubba’s Bar & Grill, Dover, DE


Modeling                                                John Robert Powers, Marie Feely Modeling and Dance

TV / Acting / Improv / Scene Study                                           Robert Taylor, John Robert Powers, Society Hill Playhouse

Film Audition Technique                                             Neil Hartley, Mike Lemon Casting

Voice and Speech                                                                     Allison Green, Mike Lemon Casting

The Basics of Acting                                                            Donna Marrazzo, Mike Lemon Casting

Special Skills: Certified Personal Trainer, Group exercise instructor,NPC Competitor, Bartender, Kickboxing, Pilates, Weightlifting, Yoga, Dance,

Basketball, Cocktail Waitress, Hostess, Certified Nail Technician, Reflexology, Hiking, Rollerblading, Swimming, Horseback Riding,

Snow Skier, Volleyball, Typing

Attire Available:

Evening Wear          Casual Wear          Business Attire          Workout Attire          Bathing Suit          Eye Glasses


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