Founder of Combat Hapkido John Pellegrini

The founder of modern Combat Hapkido Grandmaster John Pellegrini has many accomplishments to his name and here is a list of them so that readers can learn much more about one of the leaders of the world of martial arts.

  •  10th Dan Combat Hapkido – World Martial Arts Alliance
  • 9th Dan Hapkido – World Ki-Do Federation / Hanminjok Hapkido Association

•    Founder / President “International Combat Hapkido Federation”

•    9th Dan TaeKwonDo – Founder “Independent TaeKwonDo Association”

•    Founder / President of the “International Police Defensive Tactics Institute”

•    Founder / President of the “Military Combatives Association”

•    Founder / President of the “World Martial Arts Alliance”


•    1988 USA Korean Karate Association “Instructor of the Year”

•    1995 World Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Diamond Life Achievement”  

•    1996 – 1997 WHFSC Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Golden Life” – “Founder of the Year”

•    1996 Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Pioneer”

•    1998 Martial Arts Masters, Pioneers & Legends Hall of Fame “Founder of the Year”

•    1998 – 2004 World Karate Union Hall of Fame “Outstanding Contribution to the Martial Arts”

•    1999 United Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame “Outstanding Contribution to the Martial Arts”

•    2000 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Founder of the Year”

•    2001 Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame “Outstanding Contribution to the Martial Arts”

•    2003 United States Martial Artists Assoc. Hall of Fame “Golden Life Achievement”

•    2003 Masters Hall of Fame “Silver Life Achievement”

•    2003 Int. Assoc. of Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Outstanding Practitioner”

•    2004 Inducted in the “TaeKwonDo Times Magazine Hall of Fame for Hapkido”

•    2004 Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame “Instructor of the Year”

•    2005 Budo Int. Magazine Hall of Fame “Legend Grandmaster”

•    2006 Aaron Banks’ World Professional M. A. Hall of Fame: “World Renowned Hapkido Grandmaster”

•    2007 Artes Marciales Magazine Hall of Fame “Martial Arts Pioneer”

•    2007 Cinturon Negro Magazine (Spain) International Hall of Fame “Distinguished Founder”                     

•    2008 Inducted “Hall da Fama Das Artes Marciais Brasileiras”

•    2014 TaeKwonDo Times Magazine Hall of Fame “U.S. Grandmaster of the Year”

  • 2017 WHFSC Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Pioneer Award”

  • 2019 “Who’s Who in the Martial Arts Legends Award”


•    March 1990 Cover feature “TaeKwonDo Times” Magazine

•    1991 Featured on “ESPY-TV: World of Martial Arts”

•    1992 “Who’s Who in the Martial Arts” – Karate International Magazine

•    April 1994 Cover feature “TaeKwonDo Times” Magazine

•    June 1995 Cover feature “Martial Arts Business” Magazine

•    October 1996 Cover feature “TaeKwonDo & Korean Combat Arts” Magazine (UK)

•    July 1997 Cover feature “TaeKwonDo Times” Magazine

•    June 1999 Cover feature “Martial Arts Professional” Magazine

•    October 1999 Article in the “Wall Street Journal”

•    September 2000 Cover feature “Artes Marciales” Magazine (Latin America)

•    June 2001 Cover feature “Martial Arts” Magazine

•    September 2002 Cover feature “TaeKwonDo Times” Magazine

•    June 2003 Cover feature “Black Belt” Magazine

•    Featured in the 2003 Edition of “Who’s Who in the Martial Arts” Book.

•    December 2004 Cover feature “Budo International” Magazine

•    February 2005 Cover feature “Action Martial Arts” Magazine

•    April 2005 Cover feature “Mundo Marcial” Magazine (Latin America)

•    May 2005 Cover feature “Disciplinas” Magazine (Latin America)

•    August 2006 Cover feature “Afghanistan Freedom Watch” Magazine

•    January 2009 Cover feature “Black Belt” Magazine

•    September 2009 Cover feature “Budo International” Magazine

•    May 2012 Cover Feature TaeKwonDo Times Magazine

•    July 2015 Cover feature “Budo International” Magazine


•    Conducted training tours for US & Allied Troops in Afghanistan (2006) & Iraq (2008)

•    Authored “Combat Hapkido: The Art for the Modern Warrior” 2009 by Black Belt Magazine

•    Authored “Combat Hapkido: Intelligent Self Defense” 2009 by Budo Intl. Magazine

•    Member “Hapkido Examination & Deliberation Committee” World Ki-Do Federation

•    International Board Member “Hanminjok Hapkido Association”

•    Instructor Certifications in Jeet Kune Do and Aikido

  • 2016 Awarded an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy Degree by the “Ordem Filosofica Mundial Vidya Ashram”

•    Master Instructor Certification – “CaneMasters”

•    Certified Instructor “Monadnock Expandable Baton”

•    Member Board of Directors “International Disabled Self Defense Association”

•    Member “International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Assoc.” (ILEETA)

•    “Seminar Sensation” at the 1998 Chuck Norris’ Martial Arts Expo.

•    2002 – 2003 – 2005 Faculty Instructor at “Karate College” – Radford University

  • Guest VIP Instructor at the Annual Jeff Speakman Kempo 5.0 World Championship

•    Founding Member “World Black Belt”

•    Honorary Fellow of the “National Law Enforcement Academy”

•    1980 & 1983 Editions of “Who’s Who in American Law Enforcement”

•    1982 Edition of “Who’s Who in Professional Security”

•    Certified Firearm Instructor (NRA) –  Certified Fitness Instructor (FAU)

•    1996 Awarded Commission in the “Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels”

•    2001 Appointed “Special Deputy Sheriff” – Buncombe County, NC

•    2009 Appointed “Reserve Police Officer” – Argentine Township, MI

•    Awards & Commendations:  Royal New Zealand Police College – Rome (Italy) Municipal Police – US Air Force – NYC Police Dept. – 

Federal Air Marshall Service –  NATO Forces Europe – US Army 10th Mountain Division – Costa Rica Police SWAT Team –

Colombia Air Force Anti-Terrorist Unit – US Office of Naval Intelligence –  German Air Force & many other Police Depts. & Military Units around the World.



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